TIP! Community members and organizations may have experience writing successful grant applications. It is a skill that requires practice; seeking out volunteers to help with the grant writing will increase your chances of receiving the grant. Fundraising is a tool for gaining community support and resources for the garden. It can be an on-going project or a one-time event. Below are some fundraising suggestions:

  • Harvest produce or small bunches of flowers from the garden to sell at a regularly occurring market
  • Sell seedlings at an annual plant/flower sale event
  • Create a recipe book based on the produce grown
  • Sell handmade items such as garden art

Grants are a monetary award to help fund projects which can help sustain the garden. Grants are awarded from all levels of government, private foundations and corporations. The grant process requires submitting an application that should be thoroughly developed and reviewed. Follow the instructions for the grant you are applying for and provide a persuasive argument for why the garden is worth funding. The funding cycles vary across grant opportunities; be aware of the submission requirements and deadlines when applying.
This list of grants provides a snapshot of organizations that typically fund gardens.