Farm to School Resources

This page has resources for integrating nutrition and agriculture education into the classroom as well as opportunities to extend learning outside of the classroom, whether it is in the school garden or on farm field trips!

Questions to consider when starting or growing a farm to school, farm to child care, or farm to summer program.

Suggested materials and items to have on hand for taste tests or cooking demonstrations in the classroom.

A suggestion for books and online resources to consider for your classroom or school library.

This guide can be used to determine in-season foods to serve as part of classroom taste tests and curriculum.

From helping pull weeds at age 3 to harvesting as they get older, there are many tasks for kids in the garden.

This coloring book shows kids the most popular fruits and vegetables that grow in South Carolina.

A taste test is an activity that introduces children to foods they may not have tried before.

Use this guide as a start to creating your own farm to school program at home.

Additional Resources

The South Carolina Garden Toolkit was created by members of the South Carolina Farm to Institution Program. The Garden Toolkit was prepared to assist you in implementing a garden in your community. We wish you the best of luck and would love to hear your success stories!

Farm to School has a lending library available where you can check out books about gardening and eating healthy.

The SC Agritourism Association is your go to resource to discover interactive farms in your area that offer field trips for children of all ages!

This resource can be used when creating classroom taste tests or as a guide for food service buyers.

Join us and thousands of schools as we celebrate food education, school gardens and lunch tray’s with healthy, local food.

Find fruits and vegetables in season this month!

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