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Senn Brothers offers a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables, peanuts, fresh herbs and spices, exotic vegetables, eggs, pickles, and juice. The delivery of full-line fresh produce will remain the primary service of Senn Brothers. Alongside the existing specialty items, Senn Brothers has expanded their selection to include dairy products such as Milk, Buttermilk, and sour cream.  

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(803) 252-8723

With growing availability and awareness to buy locally, Marvin’s Produce has dedicated itself to sourcing your produce as close to home as possible. Seasons, weather, quality, availability and cost are all factors that go into where and when we buy your produce. Supporting our local economy and farmers, we first buy locally, which includes all South Carolina-grown produce and products grown within a 100 mile radius of our warehouse, which includes some areas of Northern Georgia and Western North Carolina. Some of the items include summer peaches, fall apples, winter greens, spring strawberries, and year-round sweet potatoes and cabbage. Following harvest schedules, Marvin’s shifts from local to regional planters, which include Southern Georgia and Eastern North Carolina. Our eastern growers range from the tip of Florida to the top of Maine, then west all the way to the Mississippi River—providing Christmas citrus to Labor Day blueberries. Our nationally grown fruits and vegetables include Idaho potatoes, Washington state apples, California lettuces, Hawaiian pineapples, and Texas onions–staples of facilities looking for year-round availability.

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Jennifer Absher, School Coordinator

Taylor Boys’ Produce, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business located in Enoree SC. Since 1994 we’ve treated each and every customer with respect and care that is unparalleled by no one.  There are many produce companies throughout our great state but none can compare to the commitment to quality and service we offer. Taylor Boys’ Produce, Inc. is co-owned by cousins Josh Taylor and Jeff Taylor.  From the field to the warehouse we have been involved in every aspect of produce possible.  From growing fresh produce to the marketing and sales of fruits and vegetables, we are personally involved in the day to day business of Taylor Boys Produce. When in season we are big proponents of local farms which allows us to supply the local community with the freshest fruits and vegetables available at the lowest prices possible. We also deliver to many local schools, churches, nursing homes, and non profit agencies.

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864-969-4222 |
4138 Cross Anchor Road | Enoree, SC 29335

Carolina Produce Company was founded in 1935. We are proud to be one of Anderson’s oldest businesses operating as a fruit and produce distribution company. Our growth has been achieved by dedicating ourselves to product quality and superior service that will exceed customer expectations. We strive for extended growth and development through implementation of quality control standards and continuous improvement processes in the changing industry. We hold our suppliers to the same level of expectation and high standards that we hold for ourselves.

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(864) 224-4376 |
121 West River Street |  Anderson, SC 29624

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